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Yamal LNG, the beginning of a long journey

Developing LNG is a key element of Total’s strategy. We are increasing our presence in most of the key zones of LNG production and in key markets. With the launch of Yamal LNG, a groundbreaking gas liquefaction project in the Arctic, we, along with our Partners, opened up a new LNG production zone, conveniently located with regard to the principal European and Asian markets; a zone planned to be extending.

  • lng_carrier_christophe_de_margerie_960x470.jpg ENGLISH
    LNG carrier “Christophe de Margerie”
    “Christophe de Margerie” is the first out of 15 tankers, specifically built for the Yamal LNG project
  • Yamal LNG construction site. View of the plant, September 2017
    Yamal LNG construction site. View of the plant, September 2017
  • Concrete piles in the basement of one of the four giant reservoirs that can contain 160,000 m3 of LNG each.
    Concrete piles in the basement of one of the four giant reservoirs that can contain 160,000 m3 of LNG each.
    The indigenous Nenets people live in harmony with nature on the Yamal tundra, keeping alive a centuries-old tradition of reindeer herding.
  • Patrick Poyuanné at Sabetta, December 2018 
    Patrick Poyuanné at Sabetta
    Patrick Pouyanné participates in the official ceremony in Sabetta on December 11, 2018, when Yamal LNG reaches full capacity
  • Yamal LNG plant, 2018
    Yamal LNG plant, 2018
    Yamal LNG plant, 2018
  • Порт Сабетта и завод СПГ, февраль 2018 г.
    Sabetta marine facilities and LNG complex, February 2018

Better Energy Through Innovation

Yamal LNG is one of the biggest liquefied natural gas projects in the world. In cooperation with Novatek and our Chinese partners we have launched this project on the Yamal Peninsula.

Yamal LNG processes natural gas from the giant onshore South Tambey gas and condensate field on the Yamal peninsula. The project comprises an integrated gas treatment and liquefaction facility with three trains of joint annual capacity of 16.5 million tons, storage tanks, a sea port and an airport.

It has become a reality due to a number of outstanding innovative solutions. Among them:

  • maritime logistics of the project ;
  • liquefied gas transportation by ice-breaking LNG carriers, delivering LNG to Asia via the Northern Sea Route;
  • financing structure of the project, the world’s first of such a scale, based on rouble, yuan and euro as US-imposed sanctions prevented the shareholders from using a single US dollar.

Yamal LNG is already a showcase of eminent collective achievement with over 30,000 personnel working at site at peaks.

Better Energy Through Commitment

With natural gas at the heart of our ambition to be the responsible energy major, Total is committed to doing business in Russia, given its vast and extremely competitive gas reserves.

Despite climatic, geographical and technical challenges, the project is delivered in time and on budget. What’s next? With our strategic partner Novatek we plan to invest in a new, even bigger project on Gydan peninsula – Arctic LNG 2. We believe that with the strong partnership, unique joint experience, combined technical excellence, innovation, as well as motivated experienced people, we are preparing the future for Russian Arctic LNG and contributing to the responsible energy supply that the world needs.

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