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Motor Oil – your choice

Total Vostok - Total Quartz

Moscow, March 2018 - Motor oil plays important function in car working process. A lot of car owners do not know how motor oil affects on fuel consumption, what lubricant consumption is considered normal and what are the new solutions that offer manufacturers. Specialists of the technical department of Total Vostok, a subsidiary of Total, offering lubricants to the Russian market under the brands TOTAL and ELF, answer common questions.


How to determine when to put oil?

Rate of consumption of motor oil is individual for each vehicle. It is always worth checking with the service documentation which provides information on the rate of consumption of lubricants per one thousand kilometers of mileage. Experts of Total Vostok recommend to check the level of lubricants with the help of a feeler regardless of engine type, power and working volume: the oil mark should be at the level of max or slightly below the upper risks.

Why is motor oil consumed and how to choose the right one?

Temperature loads, friction between parts and assemblies contribute to the fact that the oil burns out during operation. Special additives which are contained in lubricants, form a stable oil film on the working surfaces, preventing damage and wear. As a result of the consumption of additives the volume of oil also decreases. It is important to choose the oil that is suitable for your car. During selection it is necessary to follow recommendations of the manufacturer. If the instruction is lost, you can use the service on the site www.total-lub.ru for the oil selection for the car, getting a list of products that meet the requirements of the car manufacturer for your car.

What lubricants help to reduce fuel consumption?

Studies conducted by English institute Millbrook confirmed that fuel-saving lubricants Fuel Economy from Total reduce an average of 3% of fuel consumption. Viscometric formula and composition reduce wear and save energy by an average of 15%, which is the cause of fuel savings.


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About Total  Vostok

Total Vostok is a Russian subsidiary of the petrochemical concern Total, which supplies automotive lubricants of TOTAL and ELF brands to the Russian market, a wide range of industrial lubricants, as well as specialty chemicals, additives to fuels and special fuels since 1994. In addition to the extensive distribution network, stretching from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the branches of OOO Total Vostok are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.


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