28/07/2015 - News

Total’s brochure AT A GLANCE 2014: the year in figures and pictures is available in Russian version

The brochure presents key figures of the Group activity in 2014, four flagship projects implemented by Total in Australia, Belgium, Chile and Nigeria, and examples of our innovations serving development and helping to improve people’s life.

Message from the CEO

Energy holds out the promise of progress for humanity as a whole. Yet three billion of the world’s people still lack access to it. All forecasts point to energy demand growing by nearly a third in the next 20 to 25 years, led by emerging economies. We need every type of energy to meet these needs. Starting with fossil fuels, which will continue to supply two-thirds of demand. Not just oil, but also and increasingly natural gas, a cleaner way to produce power than coal.

In 2014, for the first time in our history, we produced more gas than oil and in 2015, we will be exiting coal production. And because we believe in a balanced energy mix that meets the challenges of climate change, renewable energies are also an integral part of our energy solutions. That includes solar, an abundant energy that is already competitive in nearly 20 countries. Our commitment is to produce safer, cleaner, more efficient and more innovative energy. Two of the biggest challenges in building a responsible energy future are ensuring access for all and using energy wisely.

We are much more than a global oil and gas company and solar leader. We are also an active member of the community. Reflecting that, our 100,000 employees worldwide are “Committed to better energy” in everything they do.

Patrick Pouyanné, Chief Executive Officer

You can download the brochure AT A GLANCE 2014: the year in figures and pictures (English and Russian versions) from our MEDIA page; it is also available in French at total.com.