Our Group is committed to the global COP21 challenge to maintain climate change below the 2°C limit. We can only do this by providing the world with energy that is cleaner, more efficient and more innovative, and by building a responsible energy future. We have already made this objective part of our three-pronged strategy for 2035 to increase energy efficiency, optimise the mix of fossil fuels and accelerate the development of renewable energies.

Energy for everyone

Right now, 1.2 billion men and women still do not have access to energy, particularly electricity. Total is a major part of this equation and has a responsibility to provide safe affordable energy solutions to as many people as possible to help populations develop economically and socially. To this end, we spearhead and carry out projects that give the most isolated groups easier access to energy. For example, Awango by Total solar solutions power and recharge small electrical devices. Safe, affordable and accessible through special distribution networks at reasonable prices, just one of Total's real-life answers for energy access problems.

Safety is our No. 1 value

For our Group, safety is much more than a priority – it's a value. It depends on a genuine company culture and common standards. We defined a set of requirements in our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality charter. Our safety performance levels have continually improved over the last 10 years. We have a clear objective to become the standard in our industry for safety, because you cannot build lasting trust without safety. 

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    Interview with Anita George (World Bank)

    Anita George, Senior Director of the World Bank Group’s Global Practice on Energy and Extractive Industries, addresses the challenges of the World Bank's Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative and Total's involvement.

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    Awango by Total

    Awango by Total is a range of solar solutions, designed to provide energy in places where access to energy is lacking.

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